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Accelerate employee learning to increase your company’s clock speed

Available Online https://thebossmagazine.com/employee-learning-b...
Publication Date February 2018
Author David Mallon
Source Boss Magazine
Source Type Magazine

This article focuses on how employee learning can impact an organization’s clock speed (its strategic and operational response times). The article states that the first way to accelerate employee learning is by equipping employees with the personal learning tools of mindset and learning skills. Secondly, organizations must enable their employees to develop and access personal networks. Finally, the article suggests that to accelerate employee learning, organizations must anticipate, support, and increase performance with technology. The article concludes that in order to increase an organization’s clock speed, organizations must include learning in their employees’ work, provide employees with tools, and eliminate potential obstacles.

Keywords Employee engagement, workplace culture, organizational culture, technology

Mallon, D. (2018, February). Employee learning is key to company clock speed. Boss Magazine. [Online]. Retrieved March 9, 2018, from http://www.thebossmagazine.com

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