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Is workplace monitoring required?

Available Online https://www.hrtechnologist.com/articles/workfor...
Publication Date July 11, 2017
Author Pratibha Nanduri
Source HR Technologist
Source Type Online News Article

This article focuses on the issues surrounding monitoring employee behavior in the workplace. The article suggests that behavioral data are being used to enhance the workplace in addition to being used for employee monitoring purposes. For example, some organizations are using the data to optimize space, enhance workplace comfort, reduce stress, adopt new technology, redesign team structures, and redesign training programs. Current technological upgrades include motions sensors and wearable devices such as smart watches, bands, and employee badges. Future technology is expected to allow organizations to track stress via heart rate, breathing, and sleep patterns. However, experts warn that in order to reap the benefits, employees must volunteer and must also believe that data collection is being done with positive motives. In sum, workplace data is now being used to both monitor employees and enhance the workplace through technological advances.

Keywords Monitoring, space, stress, technology, wearable, devices, sleep, hear rate

Nanduri, P. (2017, July 11). Is workplace monitoring required? HR Technologist [Online]. Retrieved July 17, 2017, from http://www.hrtechnologist.com

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