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13 ways to regularly support your employees' personal development

Available Online https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescounc...
Publication Date May 31, 2017
Author Forbes Coaches Council
Source Forbes
Source Type Blog

This article focuses on 13 ways to promote and encourage personal development among employees. The article suggests that employee development is an important process, and advises organizations to individualize initiatives. In addition, the article provides several recommendations for supporting employee development. Specifically the article recommends creating plans for employee growth with each employee in order to set goals and track progress, allowing employees to allocate a portion of their time for growth initiatives and set time intervals for completing goals. The article also recommends offering a variety of learning opportunities, explicitly communicating the benefits to employees, and facilitating regular meetings that also discuss the personal interests of employees. Lastly, organizations should make sure they listen and ask questions with genuine intent and interest, create a culture that promotes learning, use managers as mentors, and find out the needs and wants of employees.

Keywords Development, growth, goals, culture, learning, mentors, initiatives

Forbes Coaches Council. (2017, May 31). 13 ways to regularly support your employees’ personal development. Forbes [Online]. Retrieved June 7, 2017, from http://www.forbes.com

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