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How to create a customer service employee recognition program

Available Online http://www.business2community.com/leadership/cr...
Publication Date May 27, 2017
Author Robert C. Johnson
Source Business to Community
Source Type Blog

This article focuses on ways to develop an effective employee recognition program. The article suggests that employee recognition is a pivotal part of organizational functioning and provides six tips for developing an effective system. First, organizations need to make sure they are recognizing the correct employees by creating a system that allows for accurate attribution of work. Second, organizations should not overemphasize tenure as the basis for recognition. Third, organizations are advised to provide prompt recognition in shorter intervals. Fourth, organizations should consider rewards other than money, such as public recognition or subtle gratitude in an email. Fifth, workplace contests can be effective, but only when used in moderation as they often induce favoritism and manipulation. Finally, recognition between coworkers should be an aspect of recognition programs, as this feedback is often valued and immediate.

Keywords Recognition, tenure, rewards, gratitude, gamification, manipulation

Johnson, R. C. (2017, May 27). How to create a customer service employee recognition program. Business 2 Community [Online]. Retrieved June 2, 2017, from http://www.business2community.com

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