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How to give your employees real benefits, not just cheap perks

Available Online https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/281315
Publication Date May 28, 2017
Author Carol Carrubba
Source Entrepreneur
Source Type Magazine

This article focuses on ways to provide employees with benefits that they value. The article suggests that organizations should aim to provide employees with a sense of fulfillment at work through challenging roles and empowerment. The article also suggests that common perks often do not work as intended because they are conceptualized as extras rather than norms, and they commonly create situations in which employees are at work longer. Because the concept of work-life balance is fairly specific to the individual, organizations are advised to ask employees about their most desired benefits. However, because this often results in a myriad of ever-changing requests that can be hard to accommodate, the article recommends encouraging employees to proactively ask for the benefits they want.

Keywords Benefits, empowerment, perks, work-life balance, needs, fulfillment

Carrubba, C. (2017, May 28). How to give your employees real benefits, not just cheap perks. Entrepreneur [Online]. Retrieved June 1, 2017, from http://www.entrepreneur.com

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