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Active workplaces present trade-off between worker health and safety

Available Online http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/201704...
Publication Date April 3, 2017
Author Kristen Beckman
Source Business Insurance
Source Type Online News Article

This article focuses on the trade-off between employee health and employee safety. Specifically, the article suggests that recommendations for employees to remain active while at work may increase risk of injury. Organizations are reportedly implementing exercise balls, sit and stand desks, and stationary bicycles into their office layouts. While the new office equipment has been associated with increased productivity, similar studies found no effect on weight loss. In addition, experts argue that active workstations are not effective substitutes for regular exercise and may increase injury risks. To mitigate the potential negative effects of active workstations, the article recommends guidelines such as appropriate shoe-wear requirements, treadmill speed limits, doctor’s approvals, and increased focus on equipment maintenance. In sum, while organizations may want to improve employee health through activity, these recommendations should be followed in order to mitigate the potential negative safety effects.

Keywords Health, injury, safety, active workstations, risk, productivity, exercise, weight loss

Beckman, S. (2017, April 3). Active workplaces present trade-off between worker health and safety. Business Insurance [Online]. Retrieved April 10, 2017, from http://www.businessinsurance.com

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